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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

Orange Beads


[List 20 A] A List of Palatine Passengers on Board the Ship Pensilvania Merchant, John Stedman, Commander, from Rotterdam. [Qualified Sept. 11, 1732]

Men's Names

Nicholas Miller                      Jan Pieter Strack
Cuspurd Wooldrich                    Benedick Eselman
Mathias Zulkover                     Michael Witmer
Jacob Gysen                          Jerich Michael Swynhart
Conrad Frick                         Hans Michael Cromeryn
Michael Reyn                         Philip Cavel
Hendrick Christen                    Cornelius Kraem
Jan Jacob Buss                       Hans Rudler
Michael Will                         Woolf Copenhaver
Johan Celeberger                     Michael Copenhaver
Philip Frank                         Johannes Weaver
Michael Emeldt                       Mathias Minegen
Leonard Emeldt                       Conrad Shenigh
Hans Graff                           Jeriam Ein
Jerick Michael Holsteyner            Daniel Miller
Hans Jerich Smit                     Johannes Hottel
Jacob Roodt                          Christian Steinback
Hans Jerich Conce                    Woolf Cankloots
Hans Coun                            Palus Lyntsenbelger
Christophel Stedler                  Hans Jacob Meyer
Hans Jerich Couger                   Paul Ruyter
Simeon Carlee                        Hendrick Ruyter
Mathias Heyser                       Jerich Beats
Adam Louer                           William Creusumer
Hartman Lower                        Jerich Mirts
Stephven Hook                        Michael Slinagur
Simon Pieter Holsteyner              Pieter Gauf
Jacob Hans                           Barent Wolfinger
Hans Michael Moog                    Adam Bouer
Vendael Fiseir                       Bastian Wageneir
Joannis Faase                        Jerich Palsgrave
Jacob Shaad                          Michael Caap
Fridrich Caap                        Gabriel Konigh
Leonard Conraed                      Carle Olinar
Vindael Wynheymer                    Adam Zeyler
Jerich Mynhard                       Mathias Shaup
Fridrich Ernigh

Women and Children

Catharine Conce                      Margaret Strickler
Maria Barbel                         Elisabeth Lower
Elisabeth Lower (not an error)       Esra Houk
Maria Holsteyner                     Sophia Engelhart
Susanna Fisar                        Magdalena Swynhart
Eva Swynhart                         Andreas Swynhart
Barbara Swynhart                     Johan Swynhart
Barbara Mack                         Odels Woolfinger
Eva Oldrich                          Anna Mack
Margaret Linamens                    Maria Cavel
Philip Oldrich                       Barbara Cabal
Pieter Oldrich                       Elizabeth Cram
Susanna Oldrich                      Maria Lotsharing
Anna Barbel                          Cathrina Lotsharing
Margaret Sweren                      Maria Lotsharing
Lena Brown                           Maria Capehaver
Gertrouy Frick                       Barbara Copehaver
Benedick Bartholomus                 Rosina Copehaver
Maria Reyn                           Catharina Copehaver
Anna Christen                        Maria Mincham
Margaret Christen                    Catharina Eier
Magdalen Christen                    Christian Miller
Jerick Christen                      Michael Miller
Hendrick Christen                    Margaret Hottel
Eva Christen                         Anna Hottel
Catharine Christen                   Curla Hottel
Salme Christen                       Jerich Hottel
Maria Christen                       Hendrich Hottel
Anna Puss                            Johannes Hottel
Cathrina Puss                        Dorothy Stenback
Anna Frank                           Barbara Meyer
Catharina Conce                      Margaret Meyer
Hans Conce                           Susanna Meyer
Eva Conce                            Hanickel Myer
Casparus Meyer                       Bustnip Woolfinger
Elizabeth Ruyter                     Pieter Woofinger
Martin Ruyter                        Johannes Woolfinger
Anna Ruyter                          Elizabeth Kerkener
Paul Ruyter                          Barbara Isack
Caspart Ruyter                       Jacob Isack
Barbel Ruyter                        Fredrick Isack
Maria Beats                          Barbara Bower
Adam Beats                           Maria Ernich
Magdalena Beats                      Fredrich Ernich
Cathrina Beats                       Anna Ernich
Margaret Marts                       A True List
Dorothy Marts                        John Stedman
Elizabeth Marts                      73 Men
Susan Beyeren                        98 Women & Children
Maria Slynegar                       _________________
Michael Slinegar                     171 [Total]
Margaret Gouf                        3 dead
Pieter Gouf                          _________________
				     168 [Persons]

Philadelphia September 11th, 1732

Present: The Honorable Pat. Gordon, Esqr., Lt. Governor, S. Hassell, Esqr., Mayor, A. Hamilton, Esqr., Recorder.

The foregoing List was upon Oath declared by John Stedman to be a true & exact one. Robt. Charles., Cl. Con.

"At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, Sept. 11th, 1732... A List was presented of the Names of Seventy Palatines, who with their families, making in all One hundred & sixty eight Persons, were imported here in the ship Pennsylvania Merchant, John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth, as by Clearance thence." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in the Colonial Records, Vol. III, pg. 452.

[List 20 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Pensylvania Merchant, of London, Jno. Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth, p[sic] Clearance thence. Qualified September 11th, 1732.

Joseph Casparing[?]                  Cornelius Kram
Matthias Zollikoffer,                Hans (O) Rootelee
von Alten Klingen **                 Wolff (W) Copenhaver
Jacob Giss                           Michael (H) Copenhaver
Conrad (X) Frick                     Johannes (O) Weber
Michel Rein                          Matthes Menchen
Hendrich (H) Christian               Conradt Schönig
Joan[sic] Jacob Buss                 Johann Georg Amend
Michel Wüll                          Dangel Müller
Johan (S) Seleberger                 Johannes (O) Hoorle
Philip (O) Frank                     Christian (H) Steinback
Michael Immel                        Albrecht Wolff Kongetz[?]
Leonhard Immel                       Paulus (L) Linsenbigler
Hans Georg Graff                     Hans Jacob Meyer
Georg Michael Hohlsteiner            Paul (PR) Reyter
Hans Jerig (X) Smit                  Johan Görg Bätz
Jacob Rod                            Wm. (O) Chriesmerg
Hans Görg Cuntz                      Georg Mertz
Christofel (X) Stedler               Michael (X) Slinager
Johann Georg Gauger                  Ditrich Gauff
Simon Carle                          Bernhart Wolffinger
Maddes Hauser                        Bastian Wagner
Adam (L) Louer                       Johannes Faass
Hartmann (X) Lauer                   Jörg Paltzgraff
Simon Peter Holsteiner               Jacob (X) Shaad
Jacob (H) Hans                       Michael Capp
Hans Michel Much                     Georg Fridrich Capp
Wendel Fizeer [?]                    Gabriel (O) Konigh
Johann Klas Müller                   Hans Leond. (H) Conraad
Johann Peter Strack                  Carl Ohliger
Benedict (I) Eiselman                Wendel Weinheimer
Michael (O) Witman                   Adam (+) Zeyler
Georg Michael Schweinhart            Hans Jorig (+) Mindhard
Hans Michael Krumrein                Mathias (+) Shaaup
Filbs Keblle                         Friederich Erny

NOTE: **"von Alten Klingen" - This is a place in Switzerland. It was read V.D.M. by Prof. Daniel Rupp.

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