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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Orange Beads

NOTE: List C is the only list for this ship.

[List 194 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Wednesday, 8 November 1752.

Present: Edward Shippen, Esquire

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Snow Louisa, Captain John Pittcairne, from Rotterdam, and last from Cowes, did this day take the usual Qualifications. No. 71.

Michael Deeg			        Conradt Schindler
Franc (+) Carel Von Campe		Hans Adam (X) Stahll	
Matthäus Kepster			Johann Philipp Odenwalt
Hanns Jerg Hausser			Johann Georg Koch
Hans Jerg Reisch			Johanes (X) Romig
Christoph Kurtz				Frantz Schmid
Jacob Holder				Johann Petter Schöll
Johan Hermann Rosenblatt**	        Konradhr Psoh[?]
Johann Conradt Kopp			Johann Georg Sturm
Ulrich Meyer				Georg Baltzer Schelling
Johan Christian (F) Friess		Balsatzor (X) Sholl
Johanes Feiller				Peter Diem
Johann Martin Holder			Georg Gobel
Johannes Meyer				Christoph Gülberth
Johannes Ulmer				Johann Georg Gilbert
Johann Michael Geiger			Johan Jacob Rukhen
Casper Krieger				Johann Jost Bauer
Adam (XX) Probst			Johann Georg Laubinger
Hans Gerg Lantzer			Andreas Gilbert
Georg Michael Schmidt			Jac. Baltsatzer (++) Volcampe
Chs. Hofman				Joseph Beyrer
Davidt Mellinger			Hans Görg Kautz
Jacob Hoffman				Johan Philipp Schwartzländer
Albrecht Michelfelder			Tobias (X) Stahl
G. Friedrick (X) Hottenbacher		Christian Ruff
Willhelm Fordtenbacher			John Philip (XX) Welsh
Johannes Geiler				Johannes Schneider
Conradt Schindler			Johan Georg Meyer
Georg Philipp Bock			Jerg Karr
Hans Michäll Schmidt			Fridrich Schrade
Jacob Hag				Johann Martin Hausleither
Georg Michael Müller			Johann Jacob Stoll
Johan Michael Späth			Georg Christop Nieser
Johannes Bader				Hans Michael ( ) Carel, 
Johannes Has				  on board
Jacob Krieg				Simmon Leitel Huber	

NOTE: **Johan Hermann Rosenblatt may possibly be the immigrant ancestor for my husband's Hermanus/Herman Ristenbatt . The Ristenbatt name has been spelled in more ways than I can count, and this could very well be one of the variations. The fact that the name Herman is a strong family name also has caught my attention. Variations in Europe, though, seem to be Ristenpat or Ristenpart.

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