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New York City, NY, October 18, 1860

by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

Orange Beads

Passengers on the Bremen Bark Laura, T. Wilmsen, Master, from Rotterdam, arriving New York City, October 18, 1860

Name Age Occupation From Which Country Destination
Alida Henriette Waleson34 None givenNetherlands USA
Henriette Waleson2None given NetherlandsUSA
Anna Catharina Bennewitz44 None givenNetherlands USA
Christofer Bennewitz16None given NetherlandsUSA
Anna Eva Bennewitz11None given NetherlandsUSA
Nicolaas Bennewitz7None given NetherlandsUSA
Martha Kraai47None given NetherlandsUSA
Jan Kraai11None given NetherlandsUSA
Arie Kraai7None given NetherlandsUSA
Reinder Van Kampen24Carpenter NetherlandsUSA
Grietje Kraai24None given NetherlandsUSA
Wilmina Kraai22None given NetherlandsUSA
Tobias Kraai17None given NetherlandsUSA
Jan Van der Niet38Sailor NetherlandsUSA
Jan Van der Niet9None given NetherlandsUSA
Marthe Van der Niet7None given NetherlandsUSA
Cornelius Van der Niet5None given NetherlandsUSA
Adriaan Blom25Farmer NetherlandsUSA
William Alree43Farmer NetherlandsUSA
Maria Alree28None given NetherlandsUSA
Adriaan Alree7None given NetherlandsUSA
Johannes Alree4None given NetherlandsUSA
Martientje Alree3None given NetherlandsUSA
Cornelis Alree2None givenNetherlands USA
Maria Alree6 mos.None given NetherlandsDied on voyage
Martintje Moor56Farmer NetherlandsUSA
Pieter Alree38Farmer NetherlandsUSA
Hasters Alree39None given NetherlandsUSA
Adriane Alree7None given NetherlandsUSA
Diana Alree8 mos.None given NetherlandsUSA
Pieter Kroes 47FarmerNetherlandsUSA
Pieternella Kroes 37None givenNetherlandsUSA
Jan Kroes 16None givenNetherlandsUSA
Janneke Kroes 11None givenNetherlandsUSA
Naatje (Catharina) 6None givenNetherlandsUSA
Famtje (Tannetje) 2None givenNetherlandsUSA
Katharina van Male 42None givenNetherlandsUSA
Mathias Lammers29Farmer NetherlandsUSA
Margaretha Lammers30None given NetherlandsUSA
Maria Barbara Lammers3 None givenNetherlands USA
Anna Catharine Lammers9 mos. None givenNetherlands USA
Franz (Resing)? **40Farmer USAUSA
Lena (Resing)? **40None given NetherlandsUSA
Frans Neu **18None given NetherlandsUSA
Bernard Neu **16None given NetherlandsUSA
Henrich Neu **3None given NetherlandsUSA
Henrich Kordes42Farmer PrussiaUSA

** NOTE: These people are grouped together within a large curved bracket, seeming to indicate that this is all one family. Possibly the Neu children are Lena's children by a first marriage.

SOURCE: LDS Family History Center, Microfilm #0175561 from National Archives Microfilm Publications, Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York 1820-1897, Roll #205.

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