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by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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The Kent carried colonists to West New Jersey with Gregory Marlow as master and loaded in London for New Jersey 19 March to 31 March 1677. There followed loadings for other ports, but she sailed before May. The Kent sailed first to New York, arriving either the 4th, 12th or 16th August. Then after a short stay, the Kent sailed across the bay to Perth Amboy, after which she headed south to the Delaware, landing first at the mouth of Raccoon Creek where she is said to have disembarked some 230 passengers of a total of 270. She then moved on to Chygoes Island, now Burlington. Other histories state that she landed at Raccoon Creek after an early June halt at New Castle, then to Burlington on 23 June. However, the arrival time in New York is known from the minutes of the New York government, with which the Commissioners (aboard the Kent) met during their stay there. The Yorkshire purchasers settled the 1st tenth, from Assinpink to Rancocas. The London purchasers settled the 2nd tenth, from Rancocas to Timber Creek. Those known to have been aboard or thought to have been aboard the Kent were:

NOTE: Persons in parentheses are doubtful, and may be listed later with a different ship. Persons listed in brackets were servants.

(Benjamin Acton) Benjamin Acton is thought to have rather been a
 passenger on the Lyon of Liverpool, arriving Philadelphia, 
 October 1683.
[John Allin]
([Jane Allin])
(Edward Bradway, wife Mary, children; William, Mary, Susannah;
 servants; John Allin, Thomas Buckel, William Groom) This Edward
 Bradway was possibly on the Greyhound, on which he loaded
 goods after the Kent had departed.
([Thomas Brinton])
([Thomas Buckel])
William Clayton
John Cripps
Richard Davis or Davies, loaded 22 March
Morgan Drewett, loaded 24 March
William Emley or Emlen (probably Emley, as this is a noted 
 Burlington County, NJ name)
Thomas Eves
Thomas Foulke
Thomas Farnsworth
([William Groom])
Jonathan Habbuck, loaded 31 March
Thomas Harding
Joseph Helmsley
(William Hibbs or Hebes)
Henry Jennings
(John Kinsey, actually came on the Greyhound, loading 
 after the Kent left)
Samuel Lovett
_____ Marshall, a carpenter
Thomas Nosster
Thomas Olive, loaded 22 March
William Peachey
John Penton or Penford
William Perkins, died aboard, and family
Robert Powell
Christopher Saunders
Benjamin Scott
Robert Stacey
Robert Wade, loaded 19 March.  Perhaps he had first come on the
 Griffin and returned as agent for the Colony.
(Christopher White, servants: Jane Allin and Thomas Brinton.
 Perhaps he was on the Griffin instead, which is 
 supposed to have arrived in 1677.)
Daniel Wills
John Wilkinson, died aboard
Jonathan Woodhouse, loaded 22 March
William Woodhouse or Woodmancy and family
John Woolston

NOTE: It should be noted that many passengers alleged to have been aboard were from Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, and other northern counties. They probably loaded at a northern port, perhaps Hull or Liverpool, before the Kent arrived at London, which is why they do not appear in the London loadings.

Reference: Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684, Penn's Colony: Volume I by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., 1970.

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