On the Trail of Our Ancestors

Revolutionary War
Non-Associators in Lebanon Township
Lancaster County, PA, 1777
by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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Assessment of the Non-Associators of Lebanon Twp. 1777

NOTE: Lebanon Twp. is now part of Lebanon County, PA.

Name of Man Name of Man
Airley, JacobEbby, Peter
Airley, ChristianFrank, Peter
Ashleyman, JacobFunk, Martain
Ashleyman, PetterFounhouser, Christian
Ashleyman, JohnFrank, Christian
Breckbell, JohnFrank, Christiphor
Bumbarger, JosephGinrick, Michell
Burcoller, ChristianGeish, Christian
Bauchman, MichellGeish, Christian, Junr.
Burcoaller, UlrickGryder, George
Blaugh, JohnGryder, George, Junr.
Baughman, JohnGryder, Jacob
Bowman, AbrahamGryder, Jacob
Benter, EverhartGinrick, Jacob
Brennison, MichellGinrick, Christian
Becker, JacobGryder, Michell
Blough, AbrahamGryder, Henry
Baughman, ChristianGreabeel, Petter
Baughman, MichellGryder, Martain
Brinis, EdwardGinrick, Christian
Bourcoulter, JohnGinrick, Mickell
Clark, ThomasGinrick, Tobias
Crall, AbrahamGinrick, Michell, Junr.
Crothar, AnthonyGryter, Tobias
Deel, JosephGryter, George
Doner, JohnHaicy, Mickell
Deel, AbrahamHorsh, Joseph
Doner, JacobHaicy, Daniel
Ellebarger, JohnHorst, Petter
Ellebarger, JacobHuber, Daniel
Eversohl, PetterHuber, Abraham
Eversohl, JacobHover, Petter
Eversohl, JohnHover, Christian
Eversohl, Petter, Jr.Horst, John
Eby, GeorgeHoover, John Adam
Ebby, HenryHover, Christian, Senr.
Eversohl, AbrahamHayce, Joseph
Hayce, ChristianReasor, Daniel
Hayce, JohnRice, Petter
Hayce, PetterRish, Petter
Hirchberger, ChristianSmutz, Abraham
Hirchberger, Christian, Junr.Shalloberger, John
Hasay, JacobStrome, George
Hartned, MickellStrome, Henry
Hoover, JohnStrome, Jacob
Houtz, Phillip LorantzStrome, John
Hover, Andrew, JunrSmith, Christian
Jorty, PetterSnevly, George
Jorty, HenrySnevly, Petter
Knoll, JohnSnevly, Ullrick
Koffman, AbrahamShalley, Adam, farmer
Knoll, HenrySteager, Adam
Kreamer, HenrySmitz, Mathias
Light, HenrySteckpeck, Mickell
Light, JacobStibb, Jacob
Light, Henry, Senr.Seichrist, Lorantz
Light, JohnShell, Hermon
Long, ChristianShultz, Frantz
Light, JacobSmith, John
Miller, JohnTraexel, Abraham
Myer, JohnTraexel, Mickel
Miller, AbrahamThontz, Henry
Miller, MickelWalter, John
Myer, JacobWalter, John
McRath, ThomasWolfe, John
Myer, PetterWillhelm, John
McKinsey, JohnWorst, Petter
Mackel, JohnWillhelm, Christian
Neff, ChristianWillhelm, Jacob
Neff, HenryWitmer, Petter
Noffser, JohnWorst, Henry
Neff, GeorgeXanber/Xaober?, Jacob
Ober, ChristianZinn, George
Orendorff, Loranzt

SOURCE: History of the Counties of Dauphin and Lebanon in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Biographical and Genealogical by William Henry Egle; Everts and Peck; 1883

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