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Revolutionary War
Oath of Allegiance in Lancaster County
Lancaster County, PA, 1777
by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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Oath of Allegiance, Lancaster County, PA

List 392T (2) July, 1777, Lancaster County, PA . This list should be read up and down, instead of straight across. The date indicated is when the man signed the list.

Name of Man Name of Man Name of Man
July 5, 1777
Tehu HowellRobert LongSamuel Polk
Robert King Lieut.James TaylorWilliam Ritchey
James GreerJames MaxwellWilliam Nelson
David MichellWilliam McPhersonJohn Hughey
William BeattyJohn CaldwellCloud Long
George KingJohn FlickJohn Long Jr.
William SloanJames CalhoonAlexd. Robinson
Samuel EdgarWilliam Steel Senr.Ephraim Hughey
James BighamRobert PorterNathaniel Clark
July 7, 1777
Rev. James LattaSamuel LougheadHugh Reed
Joseph LarimorThomas McCombsHenry Stewart
William Ritchey Jr.George BlecksRobert Magee
James PorterRobert FarquerDavid Mahom
James McLaughlinSamuel ReedJohn Evans
James Porter Lt. Con.Samuel AnkrimJames Farguner
James CumingsPatrick MarshalJames Reed
Robert ClarkSamuel Ankrim Jr.Robert Evans
Robert MoodyJohn TurnerJohn Rice
David Cooper, aff.James MorrisonJames Forgonson
James Bettey, aff.James MooreJames Higgins
Samuel SteelJohn RobisonJames McPherson
Alexander McNaughtSamuel FisherRobert Reed
William MilluanWilliam QueralJames Reed
James CarsonJames Clurk
William BighamJames Ramsay
Thomas ReedJames McFarland
James ReedRobert Kirkpatrick
Samuel HindmanJames Moore

SOURCE: Lancaster County Pennsylvania Deed Abstracts & Revolutionary War Oaths of Allegiance, Revised and Enlarged Edition, Deed Books A through M; 1729 through c1770 with adjoining Landowners & Witnesses; compiled by R. Thomas Mayhill; The Bookmark Publishers; 1965. Note: The original source for the Oaths of Allegiance is Lancaster County Deed Book L.

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