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On the Trail of Our Ancestors: Page of the Month

SPECIAL NOTE: The November/December 1999 PAGE OF THE MONTH will be the last one awarded. After this you will be able to view all the winners at:
Former Pages of the Month.

This Page of the Month Recognition was created with the hope of rewarding dedicated and hard working genealogical researchers who have chosen to share their research via an attractively designed web page.

This award will be given to those whose web pages give evidence of much original research. This means the researcher has made many a trip to an Archives, Genealogical Library, etc., plus has obtained vital records from the appropriate place, and has looked at wills, deeds and more in order to obtain the database which he/she now has. It does not eliminate the use of secondary sources. There is always a place for those, but the primary goal of the researcher is to obtain primary sources wherever possible.

On the Trail of Our Ancestors will be particularly looking for newcomers to the WWW, and those who have excellent home pages, but are not as well known - the "hidden gems" of the WWW.

The PAGE OF THE MONTH was selected every two months as of July 1998.

Be sure to visit the excellent home pages of Past Winners.

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Prairie Creek Families Home Page   Tastefully designed by Kim Holly, this is an excellent web site regarding Vigo County, Indiana.  This site has many categories and research opportunities, such as Biographies, Census, Farm Indexes, Businesses, Churches, History, Mortality Schedules, Surname Registry, Cemeteries, Doctor's Diary, History, Pictures and What's New.  A Prairie Creek Message Board is most helpful.  A few of the surnames which Kim is researching are: BARNES, FARTHING, GREGORY, HARPER, JACKSON, STAATS, and TROUTMAN.  Additionally, there is a site index, which is most helpful.  So if you are looking for your Indiana ancestors, do visit this site, or else e-mail Kim at:

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  1. Top priority will be given to pages that give evidence of much original and careful research. I am looking for pages which have more than just surnames and links - quality and quantity of information are important.

  2. The page must also be attractive and appealing to the eye. Graphics should be carefully chosen to accent the page and the genealogical content.

  3. Well organized pages are a delight to visit. They allow the researcher to find what he/she wishes to find quickly and without getting lost. So, I will be looking for good organization.

  4. Prejudicial, violent, or adult-only content will not be considered.

  5. Suggestions for a possible PAGE OF THE MONTH will be considered, be it your own or someone else's home page.

  6. Winners will be notified by me, Donna Ristenbatt. You may then display the graphic which is at the top of this page. Instructions on how to capture this graphic will be included with the notification e-mail. PLEASE be sure to then link the graphic back to my home page, On the Trail of Our Ancestors.

  7. Each Page of the Month will be displayed for the appropriate month and after that displayed in the section, Former Pages of the Month. The page will also appear in my Genealogy and Family Home Pages section.

  8. Please notify me if your URL changes so that the links on this page will remain valid.

  9. If any page changes its content so that it no longer meets these criteria, it will be removed from the PAGE OF THE MONTH list.

  10. Winners must be personal home pages, not commercial.

  11. For those who have their pages written in an alternate language, please have the page also written in English.

After reading the above guidelines, please feel free to e-mail
to me with possible suggestions for PAGE OF THE MONTH. Be sure to type PAGE OF THE MONTH in the SUBJECT part of your e-mail. Also, remember to include the URL of the web site in the message body. I cannot visit pages for which I have no URL.

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A special thank you goes to David E. Ristenbatt for creating the On the Trail of Our Ancestors graphic at the top of this page.

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