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[List 226 A] Foreigners imported in the Ship Henrietta, Capt. John Ross, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, Qualified 22 October, 1754.

Johannes Nieb                        Leo. Ritlinger, bd.
Everhard Metchar, board              Bernhard Russe
Christn. Swartzwild                  Louis Hagel
Jacob Liebolt                        Rynhard Saur
Christn. Spring                      John Danl. Pier
Jacob Koltman                        Johannes Pier
Peter Dieterich                      Peter Henry Pier
George Stor                          Philip Bladdell
Jacob Knibler                        Johann Geo. Reed
Joh. Adam Lintz, bd.                 Jacob Shifferdecker
Jacob Folmer                         Geroge Fetter
John Hartman Raus                    George Frank
Hans Geo. Erbst                      Johannes Heysler, dead
Jn. Eberhard Bintz, bd.              Albertus Swynfurth
George Adam Glee                     Elias Thom
John Michael Sner                    Michael Thom
Fredk. Keyser                        Andreas Kryner, bd.
Jacob Etsner                         Michael Rieb, dead **
Peter Stro                           Albertus Rose
Heny Swalbach                        Peter Franck
Simon Heidell                        Johann Keynert
Philip Gross                         Jeremiah Eckert
Johann Styntryser                    Jean Wolf Kryer
Johann Starts, dead **               George Hygas
Conrad Bole                          Geo. Fredk Stuger
Conrad Pope                          Fredk. Stuger, Jr., under age
Jno. Geo. Pater                      Fredk. Shallin, bd.
David Firlinge                       Ludwig Zieger
Antho. Graff                         Andreas Turolf
Hans Geo. Neuman                     Jno. Henry Kinder
Jacob Kurtz, bd.                     Michael Kun
Simon Lible                          Jos. Smith
Heny. Buck                           Philip Eygle, bd., under 16
Michael Jeder                        Henry Smith, under 16
Johan Roteburger                     Johannes Koch
Andreas Haller, bd.                  Bernhard Speck
Jno. Geo. Snyder                     Jacob Eyler
Johannes Karg                        Philip Beyerly
George Frank                         Joh. Jacob Meyer
Baltes Tieringer                     Christoph Philip Smith, bd. **
Conrad Slimmer                       Joh. Geo. Reit
Christoph Syder                      Jacob Sner
Christoph Hysler                     George Eyle
Jno. Adam Roeland                    Godfrey Lodwig

** Name crossed out


List of Foreigners imported in the Ship Henrietta Capt. John Rose, from Rotterdam, Qualified 22 October 1754, No. 80. Hillegas

This vessel was admitted when the Governor was at Newcastle.

[List 226 C] At the State House of Philadelphia, Tuesday, the Twenty Second Day of October, 1754. Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire

The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Henrietta, Capt. John Ross, from Rotterdam but last from Cowes, did this Day take the usual Qualifications to the Government. 3 Roman Catholicks. From Franconia, Wirtenberg, Hesse etc.

Johannes Neipp                       David Festinger
Christian Schwartzwelder             Johan Anthon Graff
Jacob Leyboldt                       Johan George (O) Newman
Johan Christoph Spring               Simon Laible
Jacob (X) Kaltmiller                 Georg Heinrich Beckh
Peter Dietrich                       Johann Michael Jetter
Görg Stohr                           Johannes Rothenburger
Jacob Knödler                        Johann Georg Schneider
Johann Bernhardt Rusing              Johannes Karch
Noah (+++) Hagy                      Johann Geörg Franck
Johan Reinhard Sauer                 Balthas Thüringer
Johann Daniel Pier                   Conradt Schlemmer
Johanes (B) Beer                     Christoph Sauther
Peter Henry (H) Beer                 Christoph Haüsler
Filibus Ladert                       Johan Adam Rohlandt
Johann Göerg Reith                   Jörg (X) Vetter
Jacob (O) Shiefferdecker             Georg Franck
Jacob (X) Volmer                     Allbrecht Schweinforth
Hartman (X) Raush                    Elias Tomm
Johann Georg Herbst                  Michael (O) Tomm
Georg Adam Klee                      Albertus Roosen
Hans Michel Schnerr                  Peter Franck
Friedrich Kayser                     Johannes Keinarth
Jacob (++) Itschner                  Jerimias Eckert
Peter Stroh                          Johan Wolraht Krüger
Johan Henrich Schwalbach             Johan Gerg Heiges
Pilipus Gruss                        Georg Friedreich Stuber
Simonn Hydel                         Lüdwig Zucker
Jonas Steinheuser                    Andereas (++) Duron
Conrad Bohl                          Johann Heinrich Günther
Johann Caspar Bopp                   Mächel Kohn
Johann Georg Bader                   Joseph Schmidt
Johannes Koch                        Jacob Schner
Bernhard Speck                       Johann Jorrg Ihle
Jacob Ohler                          Godfried (G) Ludewig
Johann Phillip Beuerle                 In all 80
Hans Jacob Mayer                     

Philadelphia. Oct. 19, 1754


According to Directions we have carefully examined the State of Health of every Mariner & Passenger on board the Ship Hennrietta, Capt. Ross, from Roterdam, and found the Chief Mate, Carpenter, Johnson, & Clawson, Mariners, ill of Fevers. Henry Stawip, Margret Oldmany, Martin Fraily, his wife and children in No. 81, likewise 6 women, 4 chldren and one man in Numbers 5, 12, 13, 33 & 39 ill of the same kind of Fevers. Many of the other People appear to be in a convalescent State. We were informed most of them had been indisposed. The Capt. says he had lost 14 Freights in the Voyage, and that he had not concealed any Person nor landed more than one Sailor. The Fever with which these People are affected is of the putrid Kind, arising from corrupted Air and bad Dyet, but is not accompanyed with the usual Symptoms of a high Degree of Virulence, and we are of the opinion if the sick were taken out of the Vessel and put into separate Lodgings, there would be little Danger of their communicating any infection and that the Ship might afterwards with Safety to the Inhabitants of the City be permitted to come up to it.

To His Honor

The Governour                        Tho. Graeme
				     Th. Bond


Drs. Certificate of the Ship Henrietta. 19th 8br. 1754.

[Note] 19th 8br. [1754]

The Doctors and Mr. Hillegass, one of the Attorneys, were examined by the Govr. in the presence of the Chief Justice & Recorder, and the Trustees of the Pest House were sent for, and afterwards an order given to them to receive the sick and Prohibit them to come up till further orders.

This was the first ship from which any danger was suspected.

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