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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
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[List 75 A] [Palatines & Switzers imported in the Ship Friendship, William Vettery, Commander from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 23, 1740.]

Fredrick Erash                       Johanes Ryenard
Hans Cristian                        Jacob Kinsley
Jacob Mires                          Ruduf Kinsley
Andrew Eshenback                     Morris Millhiser
Johanes Cop                          Hermanes Hersling
Sebastian Shoape                     Henry Richembacker
Ludiwick Wisinger                    Jacob Peaterly
Tituas Hardwake                      Hans Flubacker
Jacob Lebeck                         Jacob Flubacker
Mathew Shalk                         Samuell Rickner
Henry Rorer                          Hiney Geager, Senior
Cloyce Brobeck                       Hiney Geager, Junior
Henry Brobeck                        Augustus Spain
Cloyce Spainehower                   Jacob Teager
Jacob Spainehower                    Theoars Choape
Hans Sailer                          Jacob Rickner
Godlip Brickner                      Marting Keller
Henrick Spainehower                  Jacob Fow
Hans George Snider                   Johannes Fow
Hans Fry                             Jacob Brooker
Fredrick Fry                         Hans Jacob Hansey
Hiney Wagner                         Hans Hansey
Martin Rauft                         Marting Halfellfinger
Joanes Seaes                         Hans Schofner
Lenard Werts

The foregoing is a true & compleat List of the Male Palatines of the age of Sixteen years & upwards imported in the Ship Friendship to the best of my knowledge. Willm. Vettery

Sworn Sept. 23, 1740. Before Thos. Lawrence & William Allen, Esqrs.

[List 75 C] At the Court House of Philadelphia, Sept. 23, 1740.

Present: Thomas Lawrence, William Allen, Esqrs.

The Palatines & Switzers whose names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Friendship, William Vettery, Commander, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, did this day take & subscribe the Oaths to the Government, viz.,

Friedrich Gerahn                     Andreas Eschenbach **
Johan Christy                        Johannes Kapp
Jacob Meier                          Johans Thomas Reinnhard
Rudolf Kuenthlein                    Hans (X) Frey
Moritz (X) Milhaus                   Marthin (X) Raufft
Harmanus Hesseling                   Johannes (S) Süss
Bosche Schaub                        Lonert Witz
Ludwig (X)) Wissinger                Heinrich Rickenbacher
Vitus Hartweg                        Hans Michel Bitterley
Jacob Lübeck                         Hans (HF) Flebacher
Martin (X) Schaug                    Jacob (X) Flebacher
Heinrich (X) Roh[r]er                Heinr. Jeger
Claus Brodtbeck                      Georg Augustus Bern
Hinerich (X) Brobeck                 Jacob Dägen
Niglaus (X) Spanhauer                  Das bekenne ich **
Jacob Spanhuer                       Durs Tschopp
Johanes (S) Seiller                 Jacob (H) Hansi
Gottlieb Briegner                    Mard. Häfnenfeger
Heinrich Spehnhauer                  Heini Grieger
Hans Jorg (+) Schneider


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