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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
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[List 99 A] A List of The Names & Ages of the Men imported in the ship Lydia, Capt. James Abercrombie, 19th September 1743.

Jost Former, 43                      Johannes Piester, 27
Johannes Bender, 30                  Lodwick Rudolph, 27
Johannes Bender, Junior, 18          Peter Owl, 25
Frans Baker, 27                      Johannes Platenberger, 22
Diedrick Fall, 34                    Peter Alden, 29
Johannes Septer, 26                  Gerard Wyck, 27
Johannes Weeler, 27                  Wilhelm Apple, 29
Johannes Kenke, 27                   Jurian Willm Eckert, 36
Tielman Schutz, 42                   Willhelm Elzeroot, 18
Johannes Ax, 25                      Hendrick Swartz, 19
Heronimus Weber, 25                  Willhelm Kreiter, 20
Christian Walter, 23                 Hans Adam Cowl, 20
Johan Christn Reistein, 19           Johan Jacob Missenhamer, 23
Johan Hendk. Hoffman, 35             Rudolph Goodman, 47
Johan Jacob Kecker, 26               Johan Willm. Goodman, 16
Hendrick Kecker, 19                  Johan Geo. Goodman, 18
Conradt Weit, 31                     Mathias Lintz, 48
Simon Dreisback, 45                  Georg Vrie, 26
Johan Jost Dreisback, 20             Conradt Kool, 24
Johan Adam Dreisback, 19             Michl Reyderback, 25
Johannes Young, 40                   Johan Mich. Reyderback, 20
Heronimus Brough, 21                 Andreas Smith, 20
Johannes Konigh, 38                  Hendrick Leipkiger, 30
Jurigh Ament, 60                     Frans Grayligh, 45
Philip Ament, 20                     Casper Cassner, 26
Johannes Ament, 18                   Johan Christo. Loos, 23
Johannes Rood, 32                    Johannes Sen, 36
Conradt Saler, 13                    Hendrick Vry, 40
Christian Neff, 25                   Johannes Bower, 38
Leonard Gessell, 31                  Johannes Tirn, 28
Johan Jacob Ecker, 37                Philip Hayer, 31
Jurigh Swartz, 27                    Valentine Kleter, 23
Christian Harshe, 30                 Johann Fredk. Hayer, 23
Johannes Peltz, 26                   Johan Valantine Hayer, 18 
Valantine Smith, 26                  
Johan Fredk. Ringer, 23              Persons in all      73
Valentine Rood, 35                                       32
Johan Nichol. Sower, 50                                 ___
Jeremias Wytigh, 37                                     105 

[Endorsed:] Capt. Abercrombies List of Palatines, 19th Sept. 1743.

[List of 99 B] [Palatines imported in the Ship Lydia, James Abercombie, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified September 20, 1743.]

Joost (+) Former                     Johann Henrich Gücker
Johannes (+) Bender                  Konradt Wirdt
Johannes Benner                      Simmon Dreisbach **
Frantz Becker                        Johann Jost Dreisbach
Diedrich Fahl                        Johann Adam Dreisbach
Johannes (+) Zepter                  Johannes Jung
Johannes (+) Weller                  Herrmanus Bruch
Johannes Hürche                      Johannes Konig
Tilemannus (X) Schutz                Johanes Pfister
Johannes Ax                          Johann Ludwig Rudolph
Hironimus Weber                      Johann Peter Uhl
Johannes Christian Walther           Johannes (++) Plattenberger
Johann Christ Rischstein             Peter (X) Althenn
Johannes Henrich Hoffman             Johann Gerhart Weick
Johann Jacob Gücker                  Wilhelm Apbel
George Wilhelm (+) Eckhart           Christian (X) Hershee
Johann Wilhelm Eckroth               Johannes (X) Peltz
Henrich (ll) Schwartz                Valetin Schmidt
Johan Wilhelm Kreutter               Johannes Friedrich Sänger
Johann Jacob Meissener               Valetin (XX) Roht
Johann Adam Gaul                     Johan Nickel Sauer
Johann Rudolf Gutman                 Jeremias (O) Weydy
Matthias Lentz                       Frantz Greulich
Georg Frieh                          Casper Gassner
Conrath Kohl                         Johann Christoph (++) Loos
Johan Nickel Reinbech                Henrich (X) Frey
Johan Michel Reidenbeck              Johannes Baur
Anreas Schmit                        Johannes Dörr
Henrich (O) Lebkucher                Philip (ll) Hager
Johann Philipp AmEndt                Valentin (X) Kletter
Johannes AmEndt                      Johan Friderich Heyer
Johannes (R) Roth                    Vallandien Heyer
Johan Christian Neff                 George (X) Ament
Johan Leonhard Gesell                Conras (X) Saller
Johann Jacob (H) Hecker              Joh. Wilh. (X) Goodman
Johan Görg Schwartz                  Joh. George (X) Goodman

List of Palatines, imported in the Lydia, Capt. James Abercrombie, 19th Sept. 1743.


** Simon Dreisbach, Sr., and Jr., were prominint elders of the Indian Creek Reformed Church in Allen township, Northampton County. See the letter of Simon Dreisbach, Jr., written in January 1773, published by the Rev. Dr. John B. Stoudt, in the Reformed Church Review, Vol. XVIII (1914), pp. 206-218.

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