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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

Orange Beads


[List 38 A] List of Switzers who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship called Mercury, Captain William Wilson. [Qualified May 29, 1735]


Hendryk Götschy, absent, 17          Jacob Bossart, 40
Conrad Wuertz, 26                    Jacob Schenkel, 27
Abraham Weidman, 25                  Hendryk Huber, 30
Rodolph Weidman, 26                  Jacob Naf, 39
Jacob Rathgep, 24                    Jacob Dentzler, 40
Hs. Ulric Aner, 42                   Jacob Schmid, 32
Johannes Weys, 43                    Jacob Schmid, absent, 15
Balthasar Bossart, 30                Conrad Meyer, 51
Hendryk Merck, 19                    Melchior Meyer, absent, 15
Killian Merck, sick, 16              Jacob Naf, 24
Johannes Meyer, 39                   Caspar Gut, 19
Caspar Notzly, 45                    Caspar Bleiler, 47
Caspar Schweitzer, 20                Jacob Matzinger, 37
Hendryk Oswald, 20                   Abraham Wackerly, 30
Jacob Frey, 50                       Conrad Rutschy, 27
Jacob Homberger, sick, 16            Christian Erhard Neumeister
Jacob Meyer, 39                      Johannes Moelig, 40
Jacob Bertschinger, 19               Phillipp Willem Kleyn, 23
Hendryk Brunner, 17                  Hendryk Forst, 19
Hans Kubler, 43                      Jacob Weidman, 40
Conrad Keller, 36                    Conrad Naf, 22
Jacob Bucher, sick, 39               Jacob Metler, 17
Hs. Muller, 23                       Hendryk Muller, sick, 21
Johannes Ott, 19                     Johannes Heid, 24
Hendryk Schreyber, 22                Martin Schellenberg, 20
Conrad Zuppinger, sick, 36           Jacob Maurer, 40
Johan Hend. Maurer, 19               Hendryk Scheuchzer, ab., 43
Jacob Schellenberg, 45               Hendryk Muschque, 23
Hendryk Surber, 50                   Hendryk Surber, absent, 15  
Ulric Amman, 24                      Rodolph Aberly, 22 
Jacob Weist, 24                      Rodolph Egg, 19
Rodolph Walder, 39                   Conrad Naf, 52


Esther Götschy, 44                   Barbara Götschy, 18
Esther Götschy, 16                   Anna Götschy, 24
Magdalena Steininger, 30             Marie Weber, 30
Barbara Haller, 23                   Cleovea Schenckel, 30
Elizabeth Possart, 17                Ursula Grendelmeyer, 27
Anna Naf, 19                         Magdalena Phister, 37
Verena Krebser, 30                   Verena Kern, 30
Verena Eberhard, 27                  Elizabeth Winckler, 31
Barbara Weys, 18                     Elisabeth Weys, 16 
Susanna Bindschedler, 30             Elisabeth Wettstein, 39 
Elisabeth Peter, 21                  Regula Appell, 21 
Barbara Weidman, 36                  Anna Isler, 43 
Barbara Meyer, 39                    Barbara Eberhard, 30 
Regula Stolz, 37                     Barbara Glaur, 31 
Catherine Isler, 34                  Barbara Albrecht, 40 
Regula Maurer, 23                    Catherine Ruegg, 20 
Verena Bentz, 19                     Ursula Schelleberg, 17 
Regula Eberhard, 19                  Marguerit Zupinger, 19 
Margueret Maurer, 42                 Elisabeth Maurer, 19 
Anna Stuz, 30                        Barbara Dappeller, 52 
Magdalen Krebser, 49                 Barbara Schmid, 15 
Magdalene Weidmann, 49               Elisabeth Haller, 20 
Anna Naf, 19                         Magdel. Mantz, 29 
Catherin Meyly, 29                   Barbara Lips, 30 
Juliane Catherine Bartin             Marie Cather. Kirberger, 39 
Marguerit Kentzing, 29


Rudolph Götschy, 12                  Mauritz Götschy, 10
Beat Götschy, 8                      Magdalena Götschy, 6
Judith Weidmann, 2                   Barbara Weidmann, 3m.
Rodolph Possart, 10                  Anna Possart, 6
Rodolph Hueber, 6                    Lisabeth Hueber, 3m.
Elisabeth Naf, 4                     Jacob Dentzler, 9
Rodolph Dentzler, 5                  Abraham Dentzler, 3
Margareth Dentzler, 4                Abraham Dubendorffer, 9
Anna Brunner, 11                     Hs. Ulric Brunner, 6
Verena Aner, 9                       Felix Aner, 7
Hs. Ulric Aner, 5                    Margareth Aner, 5
Catherine Weys, 9                    Susanna Weys, 3
Anna Weys, 6                         Caspar Possart, 10
Hendryk Possart, 3                   Rodolph Possart, 2
Hans Merck, 6                        Hs. Conrad Merck, 5
Leonard Meyer, 14                    Jacob Meyer, 9
Barbara Meyer, 4                     Anna Barbara Frey, 10
Elisabeth Frey, 8                    Hendryk Frey, 6
Hs. Jacob Meyer, 8                   Magdalena Meyer, 6
Jacob Kubler, 5                      Elisabeth Kubler, 5
Rudolph Dubendorffer, 8              Anna Dubendorffer, 6
Jacob Weidmann, 5                    Mathias Keller, 1
Jacob Bucher, 10                     Hendryk Bucher, 8
Marie Muller, 5                      Anna Cleophe Schreik, 2
Hs. Ulric Zupinger, 12               Hendryk Zuppinger, 6
Anna Marg. Mauer, 7                  Verena Surber, 5
Jacob Rutschy, 10                    Jacob Walder, 4
Hendryk Rutschy, 7                   Hans Jacob Naf, 9
Hs. Jacob Rutschy, 2w.               Jacob Naf, 7
Ennreich Moelig, 7                   Felix Schmid, 12
Veronica Gertrut Moelig, 15          Barb. Schmid, 5
Andreas Moelig, 4                    Hs. Hend. Bleuler, 13
Marie Cath. Moelig, 1 & 1/2          Catherine Bleuler, 9
Gottfried Moelif, 10                 Hs. Jacob Bleuler, 8
Felix Matzinger, 8                   Verena Wackerly, 2
				     A true List.
				     Wm. Wilson

"At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, May 29th, 1735. Fifty four Palatines, and Switzers, who with their Families, making in all one hundred seventy six Persons, were imported here in the Ship Mercury, of London, William Wilson, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance from thence, were this day qualified as usual." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, pg. 593.

[List 38 B] Palatines and Switzers, Imported in the Ship Mercury, of London, William Wilson, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, by clearance thence. Qualified May 29th, 1735.

Conrad Wuertz **                     Jacob (X) Tanzler
Abraham Weidman                      Johan Ulrick (X) Ahaner
Rutolff Weidman                      H. Hansen Weyss
Hans Jacob Radtgäb                   Balsahar (X) Bosserd
Jacob Boshaar                        Henry (X) Merck
Jacob (JS) Schenker                  Hans Weimer
Heinrich Huber                       Caspar (X) Netzlji
Jacob (X) Naff                       Caspar (X) Schweitzer
Henry (O) Oswald                     Henry (H) Surber
Jacob Frey                           Hans Ulrich (H) Amon
Jacob Meyer                          Rudolph (H R) Aberly
Jacob (O) Perdschenger               Jacob (X) Wüst
Henry (O) Bruner                     Rud[ol]ff Eyg
Hans Küber                           Rudolph (X) Walter
Jacob Weidman                        Jacob Conrad (X) Naffe
Hans Cunrath Käller                  Jacob (X) Schmit
Conrad (X) Naffe                     Conrad (X) Meyer
Jacob (XX) Madler                    Jacob Näff
Hans Müller                          Kaspr Gut
Hans Odt                             Caspar (X) Plauler
Johanes Heit                         Jacob Matz[inger]
Heinrich Schriber                    Abraham (X) Weckerly
Martin (O) Shelberger                Cunrath Rütschi
Jacob (O) Muumer                     Christoph Neumeister
Hendri Scheuchzer                    Johannes Mölich
Jacob (O) Scheuchser                 Philibs Klein
Henry (X) Mosock                     Hennrich Forst


** Regarding the history of this colony see History of the Goshenhoppen Reformed Charge, pp. 96-130. The leader of the colony was the Rev. Maurice Goetschy, who died on his arrival in Philadelphia. His place was taken by his son, John Henry Goetschy. The business manager of the colony was John Conrad Wirtz (Wuertz), the brother-in-law of John Henry Goetschy. Wirtz was at first a schoolteacher, but from 1742-1763, officiated, in numerous German and Dutch Reformed churches, as pastor.

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