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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

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[List 10 A] A List of Passengers Imported in the Ship Allen from Rotterdam, James Craiges, Master, September 11th, 1729]

Alixander Mack                       Johannis Pettickhover
Johannes Mack                        Johannis Kipping
Felte Mack                           Hance Erick Cogh
Alixander Mack, Jr.                  John Michael Amwigh
John Hendrick Kalklieser             Hance Urick Kissle
Jacob Kalklieser                     John Jacob Kissle, sick
Emanuell Kalklieser                  Ulderick Eley
Andrus Ponne                         Rinehart Hammer
William Knipper                      Samuell Galler
Hisbert Benter                       Conrat Iller
Peter Lisley                         Hance Gasper Kulp
Hance Contee                         John Martin Crist
Jacob Possart                        John Jacob Hopback
Jacob Wise                           Johannes Mcinterfeer
Christian Snyder                     Christian Kitsintander
Jacob Snyder                         Linhart Amwigh
Johannes Flickinger                  Mathias Snyder
Felte Beecher                        Joseph Prunder
Jacob Lisley                         Johannes Prunder, sick
Christopher Matten                   Mathias Ulland
Paul Lipekipp                        Jorick Hoffart
Christopher Kalklieser               Johannes Perger
Christian Cropp                      Johannes Weightmann
Andries Cropp                        Phillip Michael Fiersler
Jacob Cropp, sick                    Valentine Perhar Hisle
Christian Cropp, Jr.                 Hance Jorick Klauser
Hance Slaughter                      Hendrick Holstein, Germ.
Feltin Rafer                         Jorick Fetter
John Jacob Knight                    Alixander Till
Henderick Peter Middledorf           Mathew Bradford, English
Nicholas Bayly, English              David Lisley
Jacob Possart                        Daniell Cropp, sick

Under age 15

Johannes Possart                     Christopher Gotlip Matter
John Henderick Prundar               Johannes Ulland
Christian Hoffart

Female Passengers

Anna Margaret Hoffart                Anna Margaret Hoffart, Jr.
Anna Ursella Perger                  Maria Phillis Whitman
Maria Catrina Fiersler               Susannah Catrina Hissle
Anna Maria Klauser                   Maria Magdelina Campbin
Anna Maria Barbara Rafer             Agnis Kalklieser
Joanna Margaret Ponne                Ferina Knipper
Anna Margaret Mack                   Caterina Benter
Anna Caterina Lisley                 Marylis Lisley
Susanah Possart                      Marilis Possart
Susannah Snyder                      Stinkee Becker
Elizabeth Lisley                     Maria Agnis Matten
Christina Lipkipp                    Christina Margaret Kessell
Maria Kalklieser                     Anna Barbara Kessell
Anna Margt. Mackin                   Eve Tabaek Elee
Phillipina Mackin                    Susan Hammer
Rosina Cropp                         Dorothia Galler
Caterina Slaughter                   Margaret Iller
Anna Lisbet Pettickhofer             Elizabeth Iller
Maeta Lina [Pettickhofer]            Maria Iller
Ketruid [Pettickhofer]               Anna Phillis Kulp
Anna Kipping                         Anna Catrina Crist
Sivilla Kipping                      Magdelina Hopback
Anna Catrina Cogh                    Phronick Mickinturfer
Anna Maria Ackhorden                 Anna Barbara Kitsintander
Magdelina Ackhorden                  Magdelina Amwigh
Christina Lisley                     Magdelin Snyder
Eve Possart                          Caterina Lisbet Prunder
Johanna Kipping                      Anna Maria Latrine
Caterina Iller                       Catrina Ulland
James Craig, Captain

In Council, 15th September 1729 The Governor present with Messrs. Laurence & Asheton, James Craigs made Oath to the above List. James Craigie

Robt. Charles

N.B. the Ship cleared from Cows in the Isle of Wight. "At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 15th, 1729...A List was presented of the names of Fifty nine Palatines, who with their Families, making in all about One hundred & twenty six Persons, were imported in the Ship Allen, James Craigie, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cows, as by Clearance thence dated 7th of July last." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, pg. 368.

[List 10 B] Palatines imported in the ship Allen, James Craigs, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes as by Clearance, dated 7th July 1729. Subscribed this Declaration 15th September 1729.

Allexander Mack **                   Kriste Kropf
Johannes Mak                         Christen Kropf
Velten Mak                           Hance (X) Slaughter
Allexander Mack, Jr.                 Johannes Pettenkoffer
Johan Hendrick Kalckgleser           Johannes Kipping
Jacob Kalcklöser                     Hans Jorg Koch
Andres Bony                          Hans Jacob Kiessel
Wilhelmens Knepper                   Uldrich Oellen
Hisbert (O) Benter                   Rinhart (X) Hammer
Pieter Lesle                         Saml. (O) Galler
Hans Gunde                           Cunrad Oell[en]
Jacob Bosserdt                       Hans Caspar Kolb
Jacob Wiss                           Johann Mardin Kross
Christian Schneider                  Jno. Jacob (X) Hopback
Jacob Heider                         Johannes (X) Mcinterfeer
Johannes Flückiger                   Christian (X) Kitsenlander
Jacob Lesle                          Leonhart Amweg
Velten Becker                        Mattdes Schneider
Paul (X) Lipkip                      Joseph Bruner
Christ Marte                         Mattheus (MVL) Ulland
Christoffel Kalckglöser              Jorick (X) Hoffart
Andreas Kropf                        Johannes (B) Perger
Johannes (H) Wightman                Jorg Dieter
Philip (X) Fiersler                  Johan Jacob Knecht
Valentin Perhart (X) Hirsle          Alexanter Dihell
Hans Jorick (HIK) Klauser            Henrich Peter Middeldorf
Felten (V) Rafer

NOTE: ** Allexander Mack - For the history of Alexander Mack and his colony of German Baptist Brethren or Dunkers, see G.N. Falkenstein, The German Baptist Brethren or Dunkers. (Proceedings of Pennsylvania German Society, Vol. X), pp. 58-76.

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