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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

Orange Beads

[List 23 A] A List of ye names of all ye men & ages on board ye Adventure [Robert Curson, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified September 23, 1732.]
Michell Millier, 30                  Friderick Tendellpek, 30
Michell Brand, 22                    Hans Jerig Able, 25
Michl. Groce, 18                     Martine Ronger, 18
Georg Briner, 20                     Paul Songsinger, 20
David Ollseller, 45                  Tobies Mosser, 30
Jno. Arts, 35                        Andreas Schaup, no age
George Moser, 48                     Leonart Moser, no age
Baltzar Stever, 33                   Paulus Moser, no age
Andreuss Killiaen, 30                Hans Jorig Lichtner, no age
Jerimy Glance, 29                    Hans Melcher Stecher, no age
Andreuss Horne, 32                   Hans Michal Haagh, no age
Matt. Wallder, 25                    Hans Michal Meik, no age
David Fessher, 40                    Hans Pieter Styger, no age
Michl. Mossher, 38                   Leonard Aam, sick
Siml. Mieire, 40                     Lawrence Swiner, 45
Yerack Onru, 30                      Conratt Long, 38
Michl. Pots, 40                      Pauley Porterner, 34
Hans Linnard Nidy, 28                Jno. Habling, 32
Do. Shoull, 48                       Do. Wincleplank, 36
Hendrick Steiger, 52                 Mathias Richall, 23
Jacob Canter, 38                     Hendrich Lips, 25
Danl. Collmere, 25                   Matt. Wagner, 23
Oellrig Houy, 26                     Bernaerd Shirtle, 23
Michl. Kogh, 23                      Siml Gillanger, 20
Jno. Baker, 23                       Paule Lissen, 44
Jno. Lissen, 46                      Andrews Wise, 22 
George Regalle, 24                   Fellting Shyp, 22
Nickl. Bocker, 23                    Jno. Graufeus, 19
Conrod Clever, 23                    Nick Bortle, 24

Womens Names and Ages

Even Millier, 30                     Anna Margrett Branden, 28
Ossell Trumpin, 40                   Marrea Medl. Glance, 30
Hannah Combin, 30                    Marrea Kinn, 23
Do. Barber, 30                       Do. Margrett, 35
Appalona Ollseller, 41               Margeratt Walton, 25
Do. Ollseller, 57                    Even Mosser, 40
Even Barber Mosser, 16               Christian Ditto, 24
Mattlena Ditto, 28                   Even Christian Stigen, 23
Marrea Barbr. Stiver, 30             Eve Crispin Do., 48
Anna Marrea Fissher, 25              Susanah Barber Mosser, 40
Evens Medlelen, 52                   Marrea Lagener, 32
Do. Mirene, 38                       Hanah Stiger, 46
Credle Ditto, 17                     Margret Potts, 22
Ditto. Orona, 21                     Hannah Boble Long, 28
Ditto Unruine, 26                    Appolona Afferline, 35
Alizabeath Winkleplankin, 36         Mattelena Colemerrine, 36
Welly Hannah Lipesine, 24            Marreas Rigline, 23
Katterene Shoulen, 31                Margeratte Olever, 44
Katterrena Kanteren, 38              Merreles Porterren, 37
Margreate Nyden, 25                  Katterena Paulteren, 25
Luiss Lissen, 36                     Susannah Orttsine, 39
Credlelass Bennech, 18

Girls Names & Ages

Merreless Bennech, 7                 Johanna Luiss Lissine, 13
Marrea Katterrine Do., 9             Johan Maria Lissene Do., 11
Marrea Martine Kanten, 4             Hanna Mela Porterren, 8
Hanna Mirea Shoulen, 6               Katterrena Ditto, 4
Credleless Winkleplanken, 12         Hanna Boble Ditto, 7
Margerate Pottsen, 5                 Ditto Stigeren, no age
Appalona Mirenen, 11                 Katterrena Fisher, 13
Handless Ditto., 11                  Hanna Mela Cripsizer, 14
Hanna Margrett Ditto, 12             Hannah Boble Do., 10
Even Ditto Do., 8                    Hanna Margrett Mosser, 12
Anna Marea Do., 10                   Anna Margreatte Do., 8
Allenna Marger Ollseller, 11         Marrea Boble, 9
Anna Margreate Glance, 9             Susanna Ossell Trumpt, 12
Anna Barberer Ditto, 8

Boys Names & Ages

Hance Adam Trumpt, 10                Do. Micalle Glance, 4
Hance Peter Ollseller, 13            Basion Mosser, 6
Simon Do., 11                        Hance Jerack Do., 8
Do. Miere, 9                         Hance Lennord Do., 6
Jerack Adam Stiger, 9                Hance Micall Peter, 11 
Hance Felter Haverlene, 8            Passions Sheule, 9 
Hance Felter Winkleplanken, 10       Larrance Lessen, 6 
Jno. Jacob Cahler, 13                Jno. Jerack Do., 9 
Jacob Portterner, 10                 Simon Bennites, 13 
Johanas Artes, 5

"At the Courthouse aforesaid, September 23rd, 1732. Fifty seven Palatines, who with their Families, making in all One Hundred & forty five Persons, were imported here in the Ship Adventure, Robert Curson, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, p. 455.

[List 23 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Adventure, Robert Curson, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, p. clearance thence. Qualified September 23, 1732.

Ha[n]s Michal Miller                 Madteis Riegel
Michael Brandt                       Henrich Lips
Michael Gross                        Hans Jacob Kander
Johann Gorg Präuner                  Daniel Kolmer
Frederick (O) Tendelspech            Mathias (X) Wagner
Hans Jerig (O) Able                  Hans Ulerich Hui
Hans Martin Ranger                   Bernhard (X) Shertle
Hans Paulus Zantzinger               Michl (O) Koogh
David Holtzeder                      Simon (O) Gillinger
Johs. (X) Aarts                      Johannes (O) Becker
Jorich Mosser                        Paul Le Cene
Balthus Stüber                       Jean Le Cene
Andreas Kilian                       Andreas (O) Wise
Hieronymus Glantz                    Jerg Rigel
Andreas (O) Horne                    Fallendin Scheib
Mathias (X) Walder                   Nickel Bogert
David Fischer                        Johannes Grawius
Michel Moser                         Conrad Clewer
Simon Meyer                          Nicolas (X) Bortle
Lorenz Zwirner                       Dowid Moser
Jerg Unruh                           Andreas (X) Schaup
Conrath Long                         Leonart (O) Moser
Michl. (M) Potts                     Paulus Mos[e]r
Balser Bortner                       Ha[n]s Jerig Lechner
Hans Leond. (X) Nydy                 Hans Melcher Stecher
Johannes Heberling                   Hanns Michael Haag
Johann Scholl                        Georg Michael Mack
Johs (X) Wingleplech                 Hans Peter (O) Steyger
Henrich Steger                       Jerich Leohart Gam

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