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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Orange Beads

NOTE: List C is the only list for this ship.

[List 236 C] At the State House at Philadelphia, Wednesday, the
Tenth of November, 1756.
Present: Atwood Shute, Esquire.

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, [imported] in the Snow Chance, Capt. Lawrence, last from London, did this day take and subscribe the usual Qualifications, 109 and 1/2 whole Freights. Abel James.

Georg Ludwig Eberle                  Adam Schmidt
Bernhard Uhlein                      Johann Sack
Casper Burckhart                     Johann Wilhelm Stiernkorb
Paulus (+++) Kamb                    Friedrich Schöff
Joha. Andreas Klunck                 Johan Georg Schmidt
Johann Peter Klunck                  Franz Waner
Johann Nickel Kuhn                   Johann Görg Weinig
Erhardt Conradt                      Caspar Biener
Georg Ludwig Crusius                 Johannes Weytzel
Gorg Doll                            Johan Peter Weber
Leonard Dürr                         Johann Nickel Wagner
Simon Hengel                         Friederich Walther
Hans Wolff Gundel                    Christian Segnitz
Nicklaus Hahn                        Johan Nickellas Zimerman
Wolfgang Nicolaus Heymann            Johanes (XX) Haas
Johann Peter Körner                  Christian Pauli
Johann Heinrich Klöpper              Johan Magnus Pauli
Michle Muller                        Valentin Dürr
Nicklas Pauly                        Johann Nickel Wagner
Johann Valentin Panzer               Rudolff (++) Fullewiler
Johanes (X) Sombero                  Hans Opplinger
Balte Sching

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