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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

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NOTE: This ship's list also appears on Palatine Passenger Lists - Lists on the The Olive Tree Genealogy Home Page where you will find List A/ The Captain's List, as well. I have chosen to include List B for this ship, as Christian Wenger is one of my husband's main line immigrants, and David Martin is a direct line ancestor. Links for these men on this list will link to my surname data. On List A, it is felt that Christian Wenger is listed as Christian Willand.

[List 3 B] Palatines Imported in the ship Molly, John Hodgeson, Master, from London, who hereunto sett their hands, 30th Sept. 1727, in the presence of the Governor and Council.

Hans Jerg Huber                      Johannes Kraus
Frantz Stupp                         Wyan (W) Diell
Hans Jacob Benter                    Michel (S) Sebastiyan
Hans Jerige (X) Kelb                 Augustyn (A) Weder
Hanns Jerg Horger	             Hans (X) Leenerd Hofman
Johann Ludwig Dederer                Hanns Steger
Andries (X) Baerns                  *Hans Michel Guth
Ludwig Borz                          Hans Michel Guth [?]
Michel Schmidt                       Martin Hauser
Andreas Illig                        Hans Heinrich Bernhardt
Burckhardt Hoffman                   Hans Jerg Dieter
Felix Guth                           Marx Fuchs
Stevus Reppert                       Hans Kobel
Jerg Ludwig Gesell                   Jacob Bähr
Samuel Behr                          Michel Frantz
Johannes Ring                        Peder Gut
Hans Jergh (X) Schellenberg          Samuel Gut
*Davidt Mardtin                       Jacob Huber
*Jacob Marttin                        Rudolf (RL) Landes
Heinrich Kaufman                     Rudolf (B) Been
Ulrigh (O) Schellenberg              Mardtin (MK) Kindigh
Michel (O) Schenck                   Jacob (X) Wanner
Christian Velte                      Ulrich Leib
Hans Moser                           Christyan (X) Miller
Jacob Scherer                        Hans (H) Hoogstadt
*Henrich (X) Kryebiel                 Joh. Mathys (J) Egener
Henrich (HM) Mayer                   Johannes Büller
*Michael Krebiel                      Hans Jer. (X) Folcks
Samuel (O) Obertholts                Dobias Schorch
Felden Gehr                          Christian Wenger
Hans Jacob Rudt

Source - "Pennsylvania German Pioneers, A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals In the Port of Philadelphia" by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, Edited by William John Hinke, Volume I, Published by Genealogical Publishing Company.

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