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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Orange Beads

NOTE: List C is the only list for this ship.

[List 169 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, on Monday, the 16th Sept 1751.
Present: The Worshipful, the Mayor, Thomas York, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Brothers, (not to be confused with The Two Brothers which qualified 21 Sept. 1751.) Capt. William Muir, from Rotterdam, did this day take and subscribe the usual Qualifications. Whole Freights 200. No. 93. Messrs. Stedman.

Johannes Leinberger                    Paul Mercker
Johann Jacob Zigenfuss                 Henrich Seytel
Johan Philibus Schneck                 Friederich (X) Millefelt
J. Melchior (X) Swerer                 Erhart (X) Millefelt
Henry (X) Shneyder                     Michel Bieber
Johannes Bieber                        Henrich Bieber
Hans Jacob Farni                       Johan Jacob Schmit
Hans Adam Wagner                       Johannes Schmitt
Joseph (X) Kennel                      Christof Weber
Friderik (+) Entzminger                Georg Hacker
Peter Abert                            Jacob Lehmann
Johannes Schmitt                       Jacob Heit
Jeörg Mader                            Davit Mussgnug
Valtin Matter                          Michael Raub
Michael (X) Oberly                     Johann Georg Stählin
Johann Nicolaus Merckel                Anthony Hauer
Görg Conrad Meffert                    Joachim Nagel
Philib Frantz                          Anthony Nagel
Johan Jacob Ahlem                      Georg Obermeyer
Andreas Klein                          Anthoni Nagel
Johan Adam Stein                       Hans Jörg Kappel
Johannes Zeiszler                      Hans Georg Dillman
Ludwig (X) Friedland                   Michael Weber
Johann Michael Mohr		       Andreas Mor
Peter (X) Moore                        Johanes (M) Munster
J. Peter (+) Dingis                    Georg Meintzer
Peter (+) Heyser                       Conrad (+) Menser
Johann Jacob Blum                      Hans Georg (X) Uhllerik
J. Jacob (+) Maul                      Anthony (+) Graff
Johannes Seyfarth                      Davit (+) Bietch
J. Peter (X) Sheesler                  Michael (+) Bietch
Johan Görg Hötzler                     Johann Adam Heiser
J. Jacob (X) Gerling                   Görg Bastian Eigelberger
Jacob Ludwig                           Lutwig Schlücker
Martin (++) Wolff                      Jacob (+) Roth
Henry (+) Wulff                        Johanes (X) Maintzer
Adam (+) Adams                         Friedrich Danniel Müller
Vallentin (X) Plumenstein              Ludwig Weltner
Johann Wendel Beylstein                George (+) Hoffeintz
J. George (X) Kirchner                 Jacob Ritter
Friederich (O) Kirchmer                Ludewig (+) Bender
Christoff Hauer                        Daniel Zoller
Christoff Hauer[sic]                   Jacob Frantz
Jacob (+) Hawer                        Joh. Henry ( ) Past. Doct.,on board
Bernhart (X) Hawer                     Christian Peter
Sebastian Nagel                        Heinrich Mag
Martin Maintzer
Johann Michael Haus     				 

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