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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

Orange Beads


[List 78 A] List of All the Mens Names and [ages] on board The Ship Loyal Judith, Captn. Lov[ell Paynter] [Qualified Nov. 25, 1740.]

Johan Henrich Leshire, 31       Willm Ole, 60
Willm. Harmany, 32              Willm. Yoast Backer, 30
Anthony Keller, 30              Johannes Woolfe, 23
Christian Princer, 32           Balster Hoofeman, 36
Willm. Sower, 50                Goodloop Hermon, 36
Henrich Dielboen, 16            Henrich Wackenor, 48
Andreas Beck, 30                Fredrick Backer, 19
Joan Willm. Oster, 36           Nickolas Sell, 42
Abraham Hass, 27                Peter Shits, 60
Jacob Tevalt, 44                Justus Lintiman, 49
Conrad Snyder, 64               Jacob Lintiman, 18
Johans. Ralph Snyder, Sr., 54   Henrich Lintiman, 16
Andreas Ralph Snyder, 16        Henrich Prim, 40
Jurg Viant, 29                  Jacob Prim, 18
Joseph Kickiler, 24             Hanias Killiand, 20
Simon Vear, 20                  Willm. Smith, 56
Liniherd Kercherd, 43           Willm. Smith, 24
Hanias Smith, 17                Andrias Smith, 22
Feltie Crim, 50                 Hanies Diel, 27
Jacob Crim, 18                  Philip Kauff, 20
Ulrick Hart, 37                 Michell Bush, 24
Yerick Conrade, 50              Peter Diel, 25
Jacob Conrade, Junr., 16        John. Peter Moore, 19
Feltie Snyder, 29               Hemon Hemon, 26
Adam Mouere, 32                 Fredrick Laurance, 26
Jacob Cooke, 31                 Johanes Ley, 19
Yerick Snyder, 26               Fredrck. Willm. Neagle, 24
Conrade Vishang, 30             John. Jurg Gudshell, 21
Nickell Breeder, 33             Isaac Didrick, 16
John Angell, 39                 Peter Woolfe, 25
Peter Becker, 22                Jacob Woolfe, 20
Willm. Beets, 38                Johanes Back, 25
Carl Crow, 44                   Yerick Eply, 25
Johannes Vervell, 33            Yergeorall Meyre, 23
Didrick Backer, 43              Willm. Eseck, 25
Bernet Saye, 26                 Henicall Hoyse, 31
Abraham Bulipacker, 25          Peter Hanse, 40
Michial Fie, 24                 John. Yerk Eslin, 48
Mathias Smith, 28               Hanias Frenk, 34
Peter Croll, 26                 Conrade Douey, 50
Conrade Smith, 31               Philip Vishang, 26
Johanes Adam, 27                Henrich Hype, 40
Hanas Wackner, 20               Peter Miller, 25
Nicholas Shire, 21              John. Yurg Seiden, 37
Jacob Shattle, 24               John. Candie, 28
Johannes Miller, 20             Peter Sell, 19
France Jhost, 22                Jacob Sell, 17
Jasper Bonner, 20                 95 [men]

Sworn that the foregoing is a true list List to the best of his knowledge, before the Honble. the Governor, the 25th Nov. 1740. Lovell Paynter.

[List 78 B] [Palatines imported in the Ship Loyal Judith, Lovell Paynter, Comr. from Rotterdam. Qualified Nov. 25, 1740.]

Johan Henry (X) Logire          Johann Nickell Bröder
Anthony (X) Keller              Johann Fridrich Engel
Christian Brentzer              Peter Becker
Willm. Sower                    Johann Wilhelm Betz
Hendrick (X) Dealbone           Carl Gro
Andreas Beck                    Johanes Werbel
Johann Wilhelm Oster            Johan Diterich Becker
Johann Abraham Haas             Johann Bernhard See
Johann Jacob Theobalth          Johann Abraham Bollenbacher
Conrad Schneider                Nicklas (F) F[eit]
Andreas Reiffschneider          Matis (O) Smith
George (X) Viantt               Peter (X) Craul
Joseb Köhler                    Conradt Schmidt
Simmon Wehr                     Johan (X) Adam
Linard (H) Carhard              Johanns Wagner
WIlhelm Ohl                     Johannis Nicklaus Scheier
Wilhelm Jost Becker             Johan Jacob Schertel
Johannes Wolff                  Johannes Miller
Johann Baltzer Hoffman          Frantz Jost
Hendrick (X) Wackner            Andreas Schmidt
Fredk. Becker                   Johannes Diehl
Johann Nickel Zöll              Philip (X) Kauff
Peter (ll) Sheets               Johan Michael Busch
Justus Linteman                 Johan Peter Diehl
Jacob Lindeman                  Johan Peter Mohr
Henrich Linteman                Herman Heyman
Henrich Brem                    Johann Fridrich Lorentz
Jacob (X) Primm                 Johan (X) Ley
Johannes Kilian                 Fridrich Wilhelm Nagel
Wilm Schmit                     Johan Georg (X) Goodshalk
Wilm Schmitt                    Isaac Dietrich
Johannes [Sch]mitt              Johann Peter Wolff
Feltin (W) Krimm                Johann Jacob Wolff
Jacob (J) Krimm                 Johannes Bechk
Ulrich Harthmann                Johan Jerg Epple
Yearig (O) Conarad              Görg Karle Meier
Vallendin Schneider             Johann Willhelm Esig
Adam (O) Mowrer                 Johan Niclas Haubt
Jacob (+) Kock                  Johann Peter Hans
Johan Georg Schneider           Jerig (O) Esling
Conrad (O) Wishong              Johannes Franck
Conradt Thuy                    Jean Ganty
Philip (P) Wishang              Peter (X) Sell
Johann Petter Müller            Jacob (X) Sell
Jon Georg Seyter       

[List 78 C] At the Court House in Philadelphia, Novr. 25th, 1740.
Present: The Honble George Thomas, Esqr., Governor, Samuel Hassell, Esqr., Mayor of Philada.
The Palatines whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Loyal Judith, Lovell Paynter, Commander, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal - did this day take & subscribe the foregoing Qualifications or Oaths to the Government.

Johan Henry (X) Logire          Johannes Keulian
Anthony (X) Keller             	Wilm Schmitt                    
Christian Brentzer              Wilm Schmit
Wilhelm (X) Sauer               Johannes Schmitt
Henry (X) Thielbon              Valletin (O) Greem
Andreas Beck                    Jaocb (J) Greem
Johann Wilhelm Oster            Ulrich Hartman
Johann Abraham Haas             George (O) Conradt
Johann Jacob Theobaldt          Vallendin Schneider
Conrad Schneider                Adam (O) Maurer
Andreas Schneider               Johan Jacob (+) Koch
Jorge (X) Wyant                 Johan Georg Schneid[er]
Joseb Köhler                    Conradt (O) Wishong
Simmon Wehr                     Johann Nickell Bröder
Lenhart (H) Gerhart             Johann Friehich Engel
WIlhelm Ohl                     Peter Becker
Wilhelm Jost Becker             Johann Willhelm Betz
Johannes Wolff                  Carli Gro
Johann Baltzer Hoffman          Johannes Werbel
Henry (X) Wagner                Johan Dieterich Becker
Friederig (O) Becker            Johann Bernhard See
Johann Nickel Zöll              Johann Abraham Bollenbacher
Peter (ll) Shütz                Johan Nicklas (F) Vit
Justus Linteman                 Matteas (O) Shmit
Jacob Lindemann                 Peter (X) Grauel
Henrich Lindeman                Conradt Schmidt
Henrich Brem                    Johannes (+) Adam
Jacob (X) Breem                 Johannes Wagner
Johann Klaus Scheier            Johan Peter Wolff
Johan Jacob Schertel            Jacob Wolff
Johannes Müller                 Johannes Bechk
Frantz Jost                     Johann Jerg Eppele
Casspar ( ) Boner               Jörg Karl Meier
Andreas Schmidt                 Johann Willhelm Essig
Johannes Diehl                  Johann Niclas Haubt
Philip (X) Gauff                Johann Peter Hans
Johan Michael Busch             Johan Georg (O) Esley
Johann Peter Diehl              Johanes Frank
Johann Peter Mohr               Conradt Thuy
Herman Heyman                   Philip (P) Wishong
Johann Friedrich Lorentz        Johann Petter Müller
Johanes (X) Laye                Jan Georg Seyter
Friedrich Wilhelm Nagel         Jean Ganty
Johan George (X) Gottschalck    Peter (X) Sell
Isac Dietrich                   Jacob (X) Sell

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