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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
Passenger Ships' Lists
Includes People from the Palatine

Orange Beads


[List 46 A] [Palatines imported in the Ship Virtuous Grace, John Bull, Master from Rotterdam & Cowes. [Qualified Sept. 24, 1737]

[Individuals marked with 2 stars ** have more information in the Notes section]

Anthony Reigel, 48                   Frederick Cromer, 21
Anthony Reigel, 24                   Jacob Stokie, 27
Burgt. Reigel, 21                    Simon Stokie, 18
Jacob Shoub, 24                      Hans George Deleman, 50
Isaac Koffman, 55                    Hans Jacob Deleman, 20
Hans Koffman, 24                     Hans Hichl. Ulerich, 30
Isaac Koffman, 19		     Jerome Smitt, 18
Hans George Remel, 53                Christian Bullinger, 44 
Jacob Remel, 19                      Hans Georg Konder, 31
Martin Hackadore, 45                 Peter Konder, 26                          
Christian Stoupher, 28               Rudolph Duckweela, 47
Hans Stoupher, 20                    Jacob Holinger, 40
William Miller, 22**                 Peter Stout, 26
Jacob Kooler, 50                     Andreas Sumwald, 39
Hans Jacob Kooler, 18                Adam Wize, 60
Lenhart Hier, 40                     Abraham Wize, 26
Rudolph Litzer, 60                   George Fredrick, 45
Barnd. Houp, 45                      Frederick Keefa, 33
Barnd. Houp, 17                      Michael Ulerich, 37
Hans George Swartz, 24               Henrich Swaart, 41
Jacob Swartz, 17                     Jacob Wolf, 30
Jacob Grove, 48                      Jacob Bullinger, 38
Albrake Grove, 18                    Adam Teel, 28
Bartel Reimie, 54                    William Fisher, 28
Simon Shonk, 24                      Poltser Hartsoe, 24
Jacob Remie, 18                      Christian Toll, 24
Ludwick Borne, 32                    Henrick Shamberger, 35    
Henrick Craseman, 44                 Johannes Honsacre, 21
Jacob Croiter, 38                    Michael Roush, 42
David Brook, 22                      Johannes Tasher, 39
Hans Jurig Meyer, 25                 Christian Bower, 17
Jurigen Haug, 28                     Jacob Howbelare, 26
Jacob Conrad, 28                     Hans Jacob Inhoft, 18
Henrick Wideaback, 40                Christian Piner, 38
Hans Eatie, 55                       Simon Honsacre, 18
Johannes Weiss, 22                   Henrick Crim, 17
Jacob Springer, 32                   Michael Carlo, 30
Henrick Engel, 53                    Albert Leebolt, 24

Philadelphia, the 24th of September, 1737. A true List. John Bull.

[List 46 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Virtuous Grace, John Bull, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence. Qualified the 24th day of September 1737.

Antoni Rüger                         Alber(t) Graf
Antoni Reüger                        Bartel (B) Reme
Burckhart Rüger                      Simon Schunck 
Jacob (O) Shaub                      Jacob Remy
Isaac (X) Koffman                    Ludwig Born
Hans (H) Koffman                     Frederick (O) Cromer
Isaac (I) Koffman, Junr.             Jacob (X) Stokie
Hans Görg Reimmel                    Simon (X) Stokie
Jacob (H) Remel                      Hans Jörg Dillman
Mart. Hegendorn                      Henrich Jacob Dillman
Christian Stauffer                   Hans Michael Ulbricht
Johannes Stauffer                    Jeremis. (X) Smitt
Hans Jacob Goller**                  Christn. (CB) Bullinger**
Hans Jacob (X) Kobler                Hans. Geo. (H) Konder
Leonhart Heier                       Peter (H) Konder
Rutolf Lützler                       Rudolph (D) Duckweel
Barnard (BHI) Houp                   Jacob (H) Hollinger
Barnard (BHI) Houp                   Peter (O) Stout
Hantz Görg Schwartz                  Andrs. (H) Sumwold
Jacob (Swar) Swartz                  Adam Weiss
Jacob Graff                          Abraham (A) Wize
Hans Gerg Fried                      Henrich (O) Wideaback
Friedrich Kieffer                    Han(s) Ytt
Michel Ullrich                       Johannes (A) Wize
Henrich Schwerdt                     Jacob (A) Springer
Jacob Wolff                          Henrich (H) Engel
Jacob (O) Bullinger**                Johannes (X) Honsacre
Adam Dill                            Michael Rausch
Wilhelm Fischer                      Joans. (O) Tasker
Poltzer (P) Hartsoe                  Christian Bauer
Christoph (H) Toll                   Johan Jacob Hubler
Henrich (HS) Shamberger              Hans Jacob (A) Inhoft
Henrich Crössman                     Christn (X) Piner
Jacob (O) Croyter**                  Simon (X) Honsacre   
David Bruch			     Henrich Grim
Hans Jurig (X) Meyter		     Michael Caller
Gorg Hack                            Albert Leboldt
Johann Jacob Conrad                    


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