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Franklin Township, Bergen County, NJ

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The STURR CEMETERY was located in Franklin Township, New Jersey, on the farm of J.H. Sturr, in 1917. This list has been graciously donated by Phil O'Leary, who is a STURR/STOR descendant. If you wish to contact Phil by e-mail, you may write to him at pol@lubrizol.com.

It is a good thing that this cemetery was visited and the stones transcribed in 1917, because in 1947 when it was visited by Herbert S. Ackerman and Arthur J. Goff, there were only two or three stones that were readable. Phil O'Leary reports that he has heard the town used the stones to make a road!

Campgaw Station Grounds, Franklin Township, Bergen County, New Jersey, on the farm of J.H. Sturr. Copied by J. Neafie, 1917. Note: An * (asterisk) indicates a calculation or otherwise known data provided by Phil O'Leary.

1. Margaret Stor, wife of Conraat Stor, died 3-15-1827 age 63-7-0.
(*b. 15 Aug 1763)

2. Conrod Stor died 3-17-1828 age 62-? (*bpt. 26 Jan 1765)

3. Dorty Stor died 6-7-1828 age 85-0-25 (*b. 12 May 1743)

4. Michael Stor died 12-26-1827 age 1- ?

5. Conrad Stur died 1-5-1850 age 40-3-25 (*b. 10 Sep 1809)

6. John, son of Conrad M. and Effie Stur, died 2-9-1854 age 12-9-2
(*b. 7 May 1841)

7. Henry, son of Conrad and Caty Stur, died 9-25-1833 age 10 mo.
(*b. Nov. 1832)

8. Christian Carlough died 7-22-1863 aged 94-5-8 (*b. 14 Feb 1769)

9. Margaret, wife of William Carlough, died 3-15-1853 age 80 yr.
(*b. 1772-1773)

10. William Courter died 5-7-1852 age 73-8-12 (*b. 25 Jun 1778)

11. Anny Ackerman, wife of William Courter, died 11-4-1850 age 66-
11-20 (*b. 14 Feb 1783)

12. William Courter died 8-8-1845 age 8-3-27 (*b. 11 Apr 1837)

13. Ann Mary, dau of John and Ann E. Rutan, died 8-12-1845 age 4-7-
14 (*b. 28 Dec 1840)

14. Peter A., son of Andrew J. and Clara A. Hopper, died 7-24-1848
age 2-11-0 (*b. 24 Aug 1845)

15. John A. Hopper died 4-27-1855 age 21-4-0 (*b. 27 Dec 1833)

16. Dolly Sturr, wife of William Winter, died 10-30-1833 age 48
years. (*b. 1784-1785)

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