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Rapho Township, Lancaster County, PA

Orange Beads
1531 Shumaker Rd.
Manheim, PA 17545

This cemetery was transcribed by William Saylor and wife, Mabel Ristenbatt Saylor. William is a descendant of Stephan and Susanna Wenger. The German words on the tombstones have been transcribed as William and Mabel saw them.

ALHIRR                               ALHIRRUT
STEPHAN                              STEPHAN
WENGER                               WENGER
1786  D 8                            1823 DEN 9 SEPTEM
ALT 58 IHR                           BER IST ALT 60 IAR

AL HIRR                              IN MEMORY 
ANNA W. M.                           OF
RIN IST AL 61                        CHRISTIAN
IAHR SML 2 SF                        WENGER
1787                                 Born 1793
				     Died December 17
				     1876 Aged 83
				     years 3 month
				     and 3 day

Born Jan 24, 1817
Died July 12, 1890
78 Yr. 6 Mo. And
   13 days

JOSEPH WENGER                        ALHIERRUT
Born Sept. 4, 1831                   JOHANNES
Died April 4, 1898                   GEBOHREN
  Aged                               DEN 29 TAC
66 yrs. & 9 mo.                      DECEMBER 1789
				     STARRDEN 2
				     TAC 18 CEMBE
				     1844  T34
				     11M  ST

SUSANNA                              ANNIE
Wife of                              Daughter of
JOSEPH WENGER                        Joseph & Susanna
Born Jan. 23, 1835                   WENGER
Died Feb. 25, 1894                   Died Sept. 25, 1867
Aged                                 Aged 10 yrs. 2 Mo.
59 yrs. 1 mo. 2d                     23 Days

ANNA HEISEY                          SUSANNA HEISEY
Born                                 Born
July 17, 1821                        Jan. 23, 1810
Died in 1851                         Died
Aged 30 years                        Dec. 1, 1877
				     Aged 67 years
				     10 Mo. 8 days

For more information on the Wenger family that is found in this cemetery, be sure to check out the Wenger Home Page by Dan Wenger.

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