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German Pioneers to Pennsylvania
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Orange Beads

NOTE: List C is the only list for this ship.

[List 242 C] At the State House at Philadelphia, Wednseday, 8th August 1764.

Present: William Peters, Esquire.

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Chance, Capt. Charles Smith, from Rotterdam, did this day take and subscribe the usual Qualifications. Consigned to Mr. Robt. Ruescastle, Mercht. 208 Whole Freights. 93 Persons. Paid for 107 at 1/6 - L8.0.6. Sept. 13, 1764.

Daniel Dexheymer                       Johann Adam Schiffer
Johann Ludwig Dexheymer		       Balds Kappes
Sebastian (X) Bender		       Valetin Metzger
Johann Peter Schmidt                   Johann Martin Hess
Henry Christn. (+) Shiel               Johan Michael Habtügel
Peter (X) Riger                        Bernhard Geiger
Johann Phillipp Toma                   Johann Friederich Müller
Johanes Schneider                      Johannes Strenger
Philip (X) Shifferer                   Johan Friderich Weeger
Johan Georg Haas		       Henrich Schäffer
Geörg Peter Beck                       Philip Abrahamm Hoenich
Michel (+) Bandel                      Johann Görg Strein
Ferdend[?] Wanner[?]                   Peter Zürn
Johann Wilhelm Weiss                   Friderich Wahl
Johann Jacob Sties                     Philip (+) Blum
Geo. (O) Sleig                         Johan Henrich Somern[?]
Mattheus Roth                          Simon Discher
Johann Nickel Mayer                    Johann Christian Tischer
Johann Herman Meyer                    Anderas Bartel
Johan Peder Durst                      Johanes Wyll[?]
Fridrich Altherr                       Antreas Meisch
Georg Leonhart Stutz                   Johanes Freund
Fiteli Brogli                          Ludwig Feter[?]
Johannes Gehard                        Joseph (++) Chaser
Johannes Tondt                         Peter Rücker
Peter (+) Grosh                        Johannes Späth
Geo. (X) Haag                          Johannes Rick
Peder Meier[?]                         Peter (X) Haas
Stefan Freundt                         Johan Goerg Theiss
Ludwig Schad**                         Johannes Theisen
Joh. Georg Gebhardt                    Fred. (X) Hoffman
Johannes Wench                         Daniel Weniger
Joh. Jacob Grob                        Philib Will
Johannes Rittesheim                    Geo. (+) Sherer
Antoni Vogt                            Andw. (And) Martin
Andreas Scholl                         Frantz Schwartz
Johann Jacob Schifferer                Mathias (M) Kemp
Peter Arendt                           Andreas Druckenbrodt
Jacobus (O) Arendt                     Ludwig (+) Huber
Matheus Premich                        Johannes Wernberger
Johann Steffan Saam                    Sebastian Seyberth
Peter Krapff                           Jorg Gielbert
Michl (X) Bremig                       Fred. (X) Ringer
Johann Adam Bremich                    Michel Wilhelm
Johannes Keller                        Geo. Wendel (X) Zimmerman
Johan Georg Haudt                      Valentin Bauer
Jacob Eckfeldt       

NOTE: ** SCHAD: Please contact me by e-mail, if you are researching this name. My husband's Jacob SCHAD was married to Juliana WURTEBERGER in 1802, Lebanon County, PA. Also, please check my husband's Ahnentafel Chart.

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