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Bullet Ships to PA in the 18th Century
Bullet Ships to New Jersey in the late 17th Century
Bullet Ship Victory, October 2, 1860 to New York City
Bullet Bremen Bark Laura, October 18, 1860 to New York
Bullet SS Delta, May 30, 1873 to Ontario, Canada

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT have any information on passengers who appear on these ships' lists, UNLESS they are direct line ancestors of my husband or myself. I also do not have any information on any of the ships themselves. Please consult the various links and suggested resources which I have on my web site for further information. Thanks.

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The November topic of the month was Ships' Passenger Lists.

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The Ships List: A mailing list for anyone interested in the ships our ancestors migrated on. Subjects include emigration/immigration, ports of entry, ports of departure, ship descriptions and history, passenger lists and other related information. You must be a subscriber to post to the list and posting instructions will be provided when you subscribe. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to TheShipsList-L. (mail mode) or TheShipsList-D. (digest mode)

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NOTE: On The Trail of Our Ancestors will gladly accept ships' passenger lists from volunteers. Please send them transcribed along with the source, and a copy, if possible, of the original. As a courtesy, your name and e-mail address will then be linked, so that people may contact you, if you wish.

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