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by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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NOTE: In the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Strassburger and Hinke, the following is written on page xxiv, which is of great interest.

In addition to the captains' lists we have the lists of the signers of the oath of allegiance. On these lists we naturally expect to find the signatures of all the male adults on the ships. But here we meet with another disappointment. What we actually find, at least on the first seventy lists, are the names of all the male adults who were well on the day of signing and were able to appear at the Court House. If any of the male passengers were sick, they were not required to sign later. Beginning in August 1739, we find that the Clerk of Council signed the names of the absent passengers. But, in the earlier lists, there is often a serious discrepancy between the male adults that were on board and those that actually signed. Thus, for example, on the very first captain's lists there are 109 names, but only 51 persons actually appeared in the Court House and signed the oath. The others, who are reported as sick, "never came to be qualified."

It should also be noted that the Captains' Lists do not exist for every ship. Many have been lost or destroyed.

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Ships are listed in chronological order, not alphabetical order.

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT have any information on passengers who appear on these ships' lists, UNLESS they are direct line ancestors of my husband or myself. I also do not have any information on any of the ships themselves. Please consult the various links and suggested resources which I have on my web site for further information. Thanks.

Bullet The Molly, September 30, 1727
Bullet The James Goodwill, September 11, 1728
Bullet The Allen, September 11, 1729
Bullet The Alexander and Anne, September 5, 1730
Bullet The Samuel, August 16, 1731
Bullet The Pennsylvania Merchant, September 11, 1732
Bullet The Johnson Galley, September 18, 1732
Bullet The Adventure, September 23, 1732
Bullet The Mercury, May 29, 1735
Bullet The Harle, September 1, 1736
Bullet The Virtuous Grace, September 24, 1737
Bullet The St. Andrew Galley, September 26, 1737
Bullet The Townsend, October 5, 1737
Bullet The Charming Nancy, October 8, 1737
Bullet The Winter Galley, September 5, 1738
Bullet The Friendship, September 23, 1740
Bullet The Loyal Judith, November 25, 1740
Bullet The Francis and Elizabeth, September 21, 1742
Bullet The Lydia, September 19, 1743
Bullet The Friendship, November 2, 1744
Bullet The Ann Galley, September 27, 1746
Bullet The Patience, September 16, 1748
Bullet The Elliot, August 24, 1749
Bullet The Christian, September 13, 1749 (on Dennis Mansker's site)
Bullet The Patience, September 19, 1749
Bullet The Isaac, September 27, 1749
Bullet The Patience, August 11, 1750
Bullet The Brotherhood, November 3, 1750
Bullet The Sandwich, November 30, 1750
Bullet The Shirley, September 5, 1751
Bullet The Brothers, September 16, 1751
Bullet The Edinburgh, September 19, 1752 (On FIES/FEES Family Home Page)
Bullet The Snow Louisa, November 8, 1752
Bullet The Peggy, September 24 1753
Bullet The Eastern Branch, October 3, 1753 (On FIES/FEES Family Home Page)
Bullet The Louisa, October 3, 1753 (On FIES/FEES Family Home Page)
Bullet The Henrietta, October 22, 1754
Bullet The Snow Chance, November 10, 1756
Bullet The Snow Squirrel, October 21, 1761
Bullet The Chance, August 8, 1764
Bullet The Hero, October 27, 1764
Bullet The Myrtilla, September 21, 1765
Bullet The Countess of Sussex, October 7, 1765
Bullet The Hope, December 29, 1772
Bullet The Nancy, June 21, 1774 (On FIES/FEES Family Home Page)

Special Note: On Lists B and C, the letters between parentheses are the marks made by passengers who could not sign their names. Examples: (O), (X), (CB).

NOTE: If you have found this page via a link from another home page, do visit all the ships' lists on: On the Trail of Our Ancestors.

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